Candirejo Village

February 24, 2017

Legend said, Candirejo was named Candighra at first then change to Candirga, Candirja, and known as Candirejo until now.

It is located 3 km south-east of Borobudur Temple or about an hour from Yogyakarta. This village is 3 km squares and has a population of 4.056.

Candirejo situated between lowland and erosional mountain slope thus found many geological features such as water spring and boulders (Watu Kendil, Watu Tambak, Watu Ambeng, etc) as the result of Merapi eruption. Geologically it’s belong to Menoreh Hills.

Candi means stones or rocks, while Rejo means fertile, therefore Candirejo means a fertile rocky village. In another story, its name came from a discovery of Brangkal Temple.

One of Candirejo’s peculiar activity is Saparan Perti Desa. It is an activity or tradition which show how close the people to God. It was symbolised with food offering, puppet show, Tumpeng carnival, and the main agenda is Saparan.

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