Majaksingi Village

February 24, 2017

Majaksingi Village located about 3 km from Borobudur Temple with Menoreh Hills as the background and beautiful natural landscape. It has so many agricultural land and field also farm. This area produce rambutan, cassava, rice, chilli, and Albacia.

Macaque will always come to 10 villages, there are Krajan II Village, Pakem, Karanggawang, Kiyudan, Butuh, Kerug Batur, Kerugmunggang, Wonokriyo, and Kerug Deso Village. Menoreh hills are teeming with macaques. Also known as long-tailed macaque, they comes to the village every Friday to eat villagers agricultural products around Menoreh Hills (Ngargogondo, Majaksingi, Tuksongo, and Candirejo Village)


There are several villagers who also work as a woodworker using bamboo and pandan leafes.

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