Tuksongo Village

February 24, 2017

The Tuksongo Village is well known as Digital Heritage Village and located about 2 km from Borobudur Temple. Here, digital technology and uniqueness of rural atmosphere combined as one in any aspect such as culture, arts, education, and agrotourism.

The name Tuksongo was taken from Kyai Ahmad Abdussalam pseudonym which comes from Keraton Surakarta. He is one of Prince Diponegoro student who takes part on the war. To honour him, it was named Tuksongo

Visitor will have access to digital technology based services, for instance, Digital Signage, smart parking, home automation, online ticketing service, and online payment service. Moreover, Tuksongo Village provides Menoreh Hills main view and Borobudur Statue. It has 3 main building, there are Balkondes, Homestay, and Ampitheatre.

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