Wanurejo Village

February 24, 2017

Wanurejo Village located about 2 km south east from Borobudur Temple. It has beautiful landscape as surrounded by Menoreh Hills and among Progo and Sileng River.

The village is well known for its traditional foods such as Krasikan, Rengginan, Clorot, Nagasari, Jenangsirat, and many more.

A Wayang (puppet) museum the Gunoroso Pondok Tinggal Museum is the center for wayang performances with collections from Bali, Lombok, Banyumas, Kedu, Yogyakarta, Solo, Kancil, Kidang Kencono, Budha, Sadat (Islam), Wahyu (Christian), Menak (Islam), Suket (grass) Golek Jawa, Golek Sunda and also overseas puppet (Cambodia, Turkey,Chinese)

Pondok Tinggal Hotel and Restaurant, located in Wanurejo Village has Bugis concept in Blangkoni. There are 50 rooms (family, standard, and VIP) with Youth Hostel for 250 beds and provides meeting room, restaurant, outbound area, Gunoroso Museum, and orchard.

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