Wringinputih Village

February 24, 2017

Wringinputih Village is located about 2,3 km from Borobudur Temple with Menoreh Hills as the background and a beautiful natural landscape. Almost all of its resident are farmer with rambutan, cassava, papaya, coconut, and Albacia as their main products.

Borobudur is depicted as an “old book” which all generation could read. Built 1200 years ago, so many heritage sites scattered around it. 

Yoni and Lumpang rock are another product of the temple and found in 4 districts (Borobudur, Mungkid, Mertoyudan, and Tempuran) in Magelang with some preserved, but most of them are damaged. It was constructed in syailendra dynasty and have the same age as Borobudur temple.

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