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15 December Candi Borobudur Annual

Borobudur Story Telling Festival

Borobudur is a storytelling monument, as reach relief tells us about an episode of life. This festival is designed to celebrate and conserve this lifelong tradition of storytelling […]

15 December Borobudur Annual

Borobudur Cultural Feast

A People’s cultural feast celebrate at 20 Borobudur Economic Centers (BALKONDES – Balai Ekonomi Desa)

31 December Borobudur Annual

Borobudur Nite 2018

The most awaited year-end event in Borobudur. Thousands of dazzling sky lanterns will be released into the air to mark the transition to the new year full of […]

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Mariah Carey amazing performance at Borobudur Temple

Thousands of audience members in the Lumbini Park at the Borobudur temple compound in...

Yogyakarta to host International Council of Women General Assembly

Indonesia will host the 35th General Assembly of the International Council of Women (ICW)-CIF...

Twin World Heritage Program: Taj Mahal and Prambanan Temple

To increase the awareness of the International Tourists and to align the position of...

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