Pruputan Prambanan

Morning is the best time to boost our mood to start our day. Start the day by enjoying the atmosphere and beauty of Prambanan temple while going around […]

Ngabuburit Teample

Special from @ramashinta_resto This is the one you’ve been waiting for! Ngabuburit TEAmple Package at Rama Shinta Garden Resto.. Those who have been here know that apart from […]

A La Carte Boko Iftar With The Shooting Star

#IftarWithTheShootingStar at the Ratu Boko Palace. Visiting Ratu Boko Palace with your partner, makes the Iftar atmosphere feel very romantic. accompanied by a sea of shining stars that […]


NENEKO (Nenggo-Nenggo Buko) In this Ramadhan, there is something special from Prambanan restaurant… Waiting for the iftar time with friends and family with the beauty of Prambanan Temple […]

Manohara The Journey of Iftar

Have a fun ngabuburit with the view of Borobudur Temple? Come and join us! Manohara Borobudur has an interesting package for you, Manohara The Journey of Iftar, special […]

Junior Archaeologist Game Pack

Junior Archaeologist game pack! The story of Ramayana or Roro Jonggrang must be familiar to our ears. However, do you know about the stories from each relief in […]

Samudra Raksa Ship Museum

What is Samudra Raksa Ship Museum? The Samudra Raksa Ship Museum is a maritime history of the archipelago museum which is located in the complex area of the […]

Dagi Abhinaya Picnic

Dagi Abhinaya Picnic Breakfast by Manohara Borobudur Feel the new experience of adoring Borobudur Temple from Dagi Hill while enjoying the meal that pampers your taste buds Enjoy […]

Boko Picnic Package

The newest package from @ratubokopark, Boko Picnic History Junkies, are you bored with ordinary picnics? Do you want to enjoy valuable time with your loved ones accompanied by […]

Roro Jonggrang Dance Performance

Roro Jonggrang Dance Performance invites visitors to enjoy the presentation of Javanese culture stories that are packaged in modern dances that do not leave the distinctiveness of the […]