Borobudur as an inspiration of humanity and civilization

May 11, 2018 / News

The 3rd Borobudur International Conference (3rd Borobudur International Conference) was held again at Borobudur Temple Tourism Complex, Magelang Regency, Central Java, Friday (4/5/2018). A number of religious leaders, institutions, and the general public from seven countries attended this annual event. President Director of PT TWC, Edi Setijono said, the main purpose of this conference is a momentum to unite all elements of society in the life of nation and state, especially in this political year in Indonesia. Because of this, this year’s conference is entitled “Borobudur as an Inspiration of Humanity and Civilization”. “We raise the theme because this year is the political year for Indonesia, so it is expected that Borobudur can be an inspiration to maintain human values in the midst of differences,” explained Edi in his speech.

Edi argues, one of the basic elements of humanity is goodness. This element that makes a person solid in the community with the immediate differences of political, religious, cultural, and social. “Through the implementation of the International Conference in Borobudur, conference participants and the world community is reminded of the importance of human values to build a civilization for the sake of creating harmony and togetherness,” he explained. Edi said that this conference is a partnership between PT TWC, Ministry of Tourism, Ministry of Education & Culture and Ministry of State-Owned Enterprises. This became an important forum, where cultural and religious leaders from various communities attended to convey their views, dialogue about Borobudur. “Borobudur has been an inspiration to preserve the values ​of civilized humanity for the achievement of peace, the harmony of life and prosperity for mankind throughout the world,” added Edi.

The conference features His Eminence Kyabje Dagri Rinpoche of Serajey Monastic Univ India; I Made Andi Arsana, Family Advisor of Hindu Students of UGM Yogyakarta; Yenny Wahid, Director of The Wahid Institute; Hastho Bramantyo Buddhist figure; Budi Subanar, a Catholic religious leader; H. Syukriyanto Islamic religious figure and Diane Butler, Ph.D. from Udayana University, Bali. Director of Marketing and Services of PT TWC, Ricky P Siahaan, added that the international conference of Borobudur has a vision of creating harmonious interfaith relations, to strengthen unity in diversity and build world peace.

“We want to convey moral messages that can provide enlightenment and peace, produce solutions for various religious and cultural issues, and a space for the realization of religious tolerance in Indonesia,” Ricky explained. In addition, this event becomes an effort to preserve and preserve the history of a very sublime, and increase the attractiveness of Borobudur Temple in the eyes of local and foreign tourists as a place of religious pilgrimage as well as world cultural heritage. I Made Andi Arsana, advisor to the Hindu Student Family of UGM Yogyakarta added, Borobudur Temple, is not only exclusive to one religion. This world cultural heritage has a universal value for all humanity and the universe. “Borobudur temple becomes the main magnet, which is able to bring peace, inspires all people representing various scholars,” he said.

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