Borobudur Cultural Feast 2016

November 10, 2016 / News

PT Taman Wisata Candi
Borobudur, Prambanan, & Ratu Boko
Sinergi BUMN


Borobudur Cultural Feast 2016
Gotong Royong Pitutur Agung
Guyub Rukun Gemah Ripah Loh Jinawi
Jayaning Nusantara Amargo Laku Lelaku



Sonjo Kampung is an activity of direct penetration of the intent and purpose of Borobudur Cultural Feast.



Team of Practitioners will conduct site visit (as well-known as Jagongan) to the peoples in the villages, engage in dialogue and motivate the community and village elders about Gotong Royong, stay in at residents’s house or local homestay.


–          Measuring the strength of Indonesia’s culture in ancient times in the context of contemporary life in present time and future.
–          Stimulate the creativity of people in Borobudur area in the field of arts and culture.
–          Strengthening the position of Borobudur area as region of central creativity industries in the country.
–          Rebuild the strength of Gotong Royong and togetherness in order to create equitable prosperity.

Pembakti Sonjo Kampung:

–          Redy Eko Prasetyo
–          Dhanis
–          KRMT Indro Kimpling Suseno
–          Ir Bambang Irianto
–          Ir Ruly Febrian
–          Drs. Dwi Cahyono
–          Dewa Budjana
–          Backtiar Djanan
–          Agus Wayan



December 10th 2016

Participants: 20 Villages at Borobudur District

–          Borobudur Lanterns Souvenir business opportunities and create night attraction for tourist at Borobudur
–          Installation along a main road / intersection / strategic points (trees / poles / etc) and village hall.
Type of Lantern:

–          Create your own hanging lantern
–          Free raw materials, using new materials or from used materials.
Such as: Mineral bottle, glass bottle, wires, plastic color, used kitchen appliance, used household appliance, LED light / TL low watt TL, etc.


Assessment Provisons:

Creativity, materials and lanterns placement.


1st Winner           CEO PT TWC Trophy + Rp 3.000.000,-
2nd Place               Head of BPCB Trophy + Rp 2.500.000,-
3rd Place               Head of Borobudur Unit Trophu + Rp 2.000.000,-


Sunday, December 18th 2016 – 2 PM

Participants        : 20 Villages at Borobudur District
Route                    : TIC to Borobudur Station

Bregada Prajurtit Competition as a form of Gotong Royong between Instantion/company with the community at each villages


–          Each group must contain min. 12 person + 1 commander
–          Wearing its own design costumes
–          Costumes made from simple materials or used-materials
–          Configuration: Men and women soldier role / kings role / nobles role / priest role / Hornets traditional musical accompaniment.
–          Accessories: Sword / sword / shield / spear / offerings / umbrella / horse / cow / wagon etc.
–          Performed motion configuration.


Assessment Provisions:

Creativity, togetherness and costumes.


1st Winner           Bupati Magelang Trophy + Rp 3.000.000,-
2nd Place               Dandim Trophy + Rp 2.500.000,-
3rd Place               Kapolresta Trophy + Rp 2.000.000,-




December 17th – 18th 2016 2 PM – 11 PM


  1. Tingal Wanurejo Stage

Performed by: Wanurejo, Bigaran, Candirejo, Kenalan, Sambeng.

  1. Tuksono Village Stage

Performed by: Tuksongo, Karanganyar, Majaksingi, Ngargogondo, Tanjungsari.

  1. Tegalarum Village Market Stage:

Performed by: Tegalarum, Karangrejo, Kebonsari, Ngadiharjo, Kembang Limus.

  1. Bumiharjo Village Stage:

Performed by: Bumiharjo, Borobudur, Wringin Putih, Karang Tengah, Giri Purno



Saturday, December 17th 2016
Location   : Lumbini park, Borobudur Temple

Event and Activities       :

  • Sound of Borobudur (Dewa Budjana, Trie Utama, Redy Eko Prasetyo, etc)
  • Karawitan Jogja Gangsa Nagari, 50 drummers and gerong from: Vietnam, Tiongkok, Rusia, Bulgari, Spain, Ukraina, India, Thailand, Cambodia, Tanzania, South Korea, Timor Leste, Australia, Italia, Cheko etc.
  • Kirab Nitilaku Mahakarya Borobudur
  • Gita Persada Borobudur Traditional Dance
  • Relief Penerus, etc

Contact person:

  • Madyo – 0812 1847 8681
  • Umar – 0813 2843 2077
  • Abbet – 0812 2680 6637
  • Hatta – 0813 2813 6396
  • Muna – 0815 7509 5854
  • Jack Pri – 0813 2823 2052



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