Borobudur Temple is an architectural masterpiece built by the Syailendra Dynasty on a hill. The view from the top of the Borobudur Temple is one of the best views you can get in Indonesia. From the open spaces of Borobudur Park, we can see the upper level of this extraordinary structure. The view of Borobudur Temple will genuinely be an added value for every event held at Borobudur Park.

Borobudur Dagi Hill

Perfect Spot to Enjoy Cultural Heritage The best spot in Borobudur Park to enjoy the beautiful natural ambiance and Borobudur Temple. Placed on 275 ats, Dagi Hill serves […]


The Strategic Place for Event Karmawibhangga, one of Borobudur reliefs, tells us about the cause and effect of an action. Karmawibhangga venue located in front of the Karmawibhangga […]

Padma Garden Borobudur

The Cultural Venue Located on the northeast side of Borobudur Temple, Padma Garden venue presents a different event experience. With breezy and scenic, Padma Garden is suitable for […]

Lapangan Merah

Versatile Park for Happiness Lapangan Merah is one of Borobudur park’s best venues for outdoor activity, such as camping or gathering. The large area and surrounded trees create […]

Samudraraksa Borobudur

Exciting and Fun Activities Space The large venue in Borobudur Park that will give an exciting dan fun experience. It will bring more fun to the event with […]

Marga Utama Borobudur

The Best Location with Magnificent Experience Located in the mainline of Borobudur Temple, it will give a magnificent experience on the event. The perfect venue to see the […]

Lumbini Garden Borobudur

Garden Venue for Amazing Moment Create an amazing event experience with the nearest view of Borobudur Temple. Surrounded by the trees, gives shade and breeze impression during the […]