The structure of the Prambanan Temple is high, and there are no other tall buildings in the surrounding area, making it easily visible from outdoor venues in Prambanan Temple Tourism Park. Prambanan Temple can be used as a stunning backdrop for every event held at the Prambanan Temple venue so that it makes your event more memorable.

Angsa Mandala Prambanan

Splendid Festivity on Your Event Angsa Mandala or Southern Field is one of Prambanan Park’s venues. It is the nearest venue with Jogja-Solo street. Located in the south […]

Sewu Temple Garden

Enjoy A Superb View of Sewu Temple Sewu Temple Garden is one of the Prambanan Park’s venues that presents the atmosphere of Sewu Temple as a background. It […]

Agastya Park Prambanan

Convenience in Heritage Park Located in the southwest of Roro Jonggrang Temple, Agastya Park presents a scenic view, surrounded by the trees and river. Its large venue is […]

Rama Shinta Camping Ground

Natural Place for Your Camping Rama Shinta Camping Ground is one of the venues suitable for camping activity. Located beside the river and surrounded by the trees makes […]

Garuda Mandala Prambanan

A Strategic Venue for Your Event Located in the southeast of Prambanan Temple, Garuda Mandala is the strategic venue because near with ticketing gate, parking park, information center, […]

Siwa Mandala Prambanan

A Great Place for Your Event Feel the magnificent of your event from the Northside of Roro Jonggrang Temple. Appropriate with the name of the biggest temple, Siwa […]

Wisnu Mandala Prambanan

A Whole Experience of Roro Jonggrang Temple Enjoy the privileged view of the Roro Jonggrang Temple from the main entrance lane. Wisnu Mandala is in line to the […]

Brahma Mandala Prambanan

Unified View of The Roro Jonggrang Temple A large field located in the north of the Roro Jonggrang Temple allows you to get a clear and intimate background […]