Ratu Boko Palace Complex is built on a hill with a fantastic view of Mount Merapi on the north side and an amazing sunset view on the west side. The origin of this ancient palace complex still remains a mystery, but its beauty cannot be matched.

Ratu Boko Meeting Room

Comfortable Space for Productivity Ratu Boko Meeting Room gives convenience at each meeting with friends or colleagues. Supported by an adjustable layout and complete facilities to enhance the […]

Ratu Boko Plaza Andrawina

Ratu Boko Romantic Zone The Ratu Boko Palace site is a relic of the 8th century Royal Mataram Palace, located 3 km south of Prambanan Temple which is […]

Ratu Boko Gapura Garden

Stunning Garden for Historic Moment Create a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere at every moment. Located in an altitude of 195,97 meters above the sea and surrounded trees make […]