Ramayana Kinara-Kinari Stage

Ratu Boko Meeting Room

Comfortable Space for Productivity Ratu Boko Meeting Room gives convenience at each meeting with friends or colleagues. Supported by an adjustable layout and complete facilities to enhance the […]

Ratu Boko Plaza Andrawina

Ratu Boko Romantic Zone The Ratu Boko Palace site is a relic of the 8th century Royal Mataram Palace, located 3 km south of Prambanan Temple which is […]

Borobudur Dagi Hill

Perfect Spot to Enjoy Cultural Heritage The best spot in Borobudur Park to enjoy the beautiful natural ambiance and Borobudur Temple. Placed on 275 ats, Dagi Hill serves […]

Ratu Boko Gapura Garden

Stunning Garden for Historic Moment Create a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere at every moment. Located in an altitude of 195,97 meters above the sea and surrounded trees make […]


The Strategic Place for Event Karmawibhangga, one of Borobudur reliefs, tells us about the cause and effect of an action. Karmawibhangga venue located in front of the Karmawibhangga […]

Padma Garden Borobudur

The Cultural Venue Located on the northeast side of Borobudur Temple, Padma Garden venue presents a different event experience. With breezy and scenic, Padma Garden is suitable for […]

Ramayana Trimurti Indoor Theatre

An Indoor Stage with Videotron Technology Trimurti Indoor Theater offers you an intimate and private venue for your event. Trimurti Indoor Theater, which cannot be separated from the […]

Ramayana Open Air Stage

A Magnificent Stage for Grand Events An Open-Air-Stage Venue with classic and large-capacity architecture located on the west of Prambanan Temple. Enhanced with Prambanan Temple as a background, […]

Angsa Mandala Prambanan

Splendid Festivity on Your Event Angsa Mandala or Southern Field is one of Prambanan Park’s venues. It is the nearest venue with Jogja-Solo street. Located in the south […]